Locals Finish Strong at Triathlon

Athletes from Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach place well in HB event.

Brian Tasker of Redondo Beach was the overall winner of The Day at the Beach Triathlon held Sunday in Hermosa Beach.

Tasker, 35, completed the swim, bike, run event in 53:01, followed by a 44-year-old Newport Beach man, a 14-year-old from Palos Verdes Estates, a 38-year-old RB man and a 23-year-old woman from Mission Viejo coming in 5th.

Duncan Reid of PVE finished in 3rd with a time of 54:12 and Quentin Heiden of RB in 4th in 54:42. 

Other locals in the top 30 include: Brent Clissold, 28, RB, 11th place in 56:24; Kevin Wright, 29, Manhattan Beach, 12th in 56:29; Jeffrey Oram, 39, RB, 14th in 56:49; Alan Cheeks, 45, HB, 18th place in 57:22; Michael Holtz, 28, HB, 23rd in 57:52; Ian Crockford, 38, HB, 28th place in 58:21; George Whitinger, 28, HB, 30th in 58:45.

In the Boys 14-17 division, Duncan Reid took first. Other top finishers included Max Rigler, 16, MB; Riley Pettit, 15, Rolling Hills Estates; Thomas Mansour, 14. RB; Tyler Bird, 17, RB; Ryan Cosner, 16, MB; Tommy Ruth, 15, Rolling Hills; Benjamin Falley, 14, HB; Anthony Dupin, 14, HB; and Gregory Brandt, 14, Rancho Palos Verdes.

In Men 18-24, Andrew Kurzeka, 24, HB, place 3rd.

Clissold, Wright and Holtz took the first 3 slots in the Men 25-29 division and Tasker, Heiden and Oram took the top 3 spots in the Men 35-39 division. Cheeks placed 3rd in the Men 45-49 division.

In the Men 60-64 division, Ken Taylor of RB took 2nd. 

In the Women 25-29 division, Alexandra Centanni, 27, MB, took 2nd place and Alicia Lloyd, 28, RB took 3rd place.

In Women 30-34, Amanda Blackburn, 32, MB took 3rd place.

In Women 40-44, Kelly Trudgen, 41, HB, took 1st followed by Jean O'Shaughnessy, 41, RB in 2nd and Bufonda Soule, 41, RB in 3rd.

In Women 45-49, Debbie Booth, 47, RPV, took 2nd place.

In Women 50-54, Carol Kozlovich, 51, RB, took 2nd and Tina Steck, 54, MB, took 3rd.

In Women 60-64, Lori Johnson, 60, RB, took 3rd place.

Bill Bell of Palm Desert was the oldest triathlete to finish at age 90.

Many Beach Cities athletes participated in the triathlon, including 98 from HB, 69 from MB and 85 from RB, according to a race official.


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