Fishing Update: More Great White Shark Sightings

At least two more great white sharks are spotted, and anglers are finding great calico bass along the kelp.

The sighting of a great white shark on the Dana Pride early last week has been followed by more sightings. Passengers on board the Dana Pride out of Dana Wharf Whale Watch got quite a surprise last Tuesday as the whale watchers on board not only saw a blue whale mother and calf, but also saw a great white shark. A 12-16 foot white shark was seen by the Dana Wharf three-quarter-day boat off San Onofre last Thursday. Finally, the workers on the offshore oil rigs reported that two weeks ago, a 15- to 18-foot white shark circled the platform for two days off and on looking for sea lions.

Palos Verdes and Redondo have been red hot for anglers. There has been excellent calico bass fishing along the PV kelp forests, a new area of spawning market squid off Redondo and more barracuda off Marina del Rey.

Surf fishing remains excellent for barred perch, corbina, halibut and more. The key bait has been sand crabs for most species and there is great fishing from San Clemente to Redondo Beach.

Calico bass fishing remains excellent with the kelp lines off San Clemente, Laguna, Newport, Corona del Mar and Palos Verdes kicking out limits (10 per angler) on most days. There also continues to be great fishing for thresher sharks just offshore.

The San Diego offshore scene remains very hit and miss with some rays of sunshine. There have been more kelp paddie yellowtail as well as some dorado.

The Long Beach breakwall has been providing bass fishermen with large amounts of calico and sand bass. Twilight trips remain good for sand bass, barracuda and an occasional big halibut up and down the coast.

Lake Laguna Niguel continues to provide good catfish action with fair bass fishing and lots of pan fish from the shoreline for the kids.


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