PHOTOS: An Ocean Friendly Garden Gets Planted

The garden at Palos Verdes High is designed to conserve and retain water, and provide a more natural habitat.

Photo courtesy Palos Verdes High School.
Photo courtesy Palos Verdes High School.
It's here: the Ocean Friendly Garden at Palos Verdes High School.

"West Basin and Surfrider Foundation helped us install this new garden," said Principal Charles Park. It's all part of the curriculum for the students in Advanced Placement environmental science. 

Here's how the school describes the garden on its website:

This Ocean Friendly Garden shows the beauty of native and climate-appropriate plants and their role in creating a sustainable landscape instead of high-water-use lawns. The soil is permeable and absorbs water, preventing runoff from the landscape into the storm drain and eventually to the ocean. This garden is designed to conserve and retain water, and provide a more natural habitat. Drip irrigation allows water to be applied directly to the plant base and percolate into the soil. The average water savings from an Ocean Friendly Garden in West Basin’s service area is 80%. Part of this garden was installed through a Hands-On-Workshop (HOW), in which professional landscape architects from G3LA and the Surfrider Foundation taught practical hands-on skills to the Palos Verdes High School students.


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