Track Santa's Christmas Eve Journey

Follow Kris Kringle's every move online through NORAD, the military organization responsible for North America's aerospace and maritime defense.

As Santa Claus makes his way around the world Saturday night to deliver gifts, anyone with Internet access can keep tabs on the big guy, thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Each holiday season NORAD launches its official Santa Tracker for all to see.

The website—more than just an enhanced GPS—includes a countdown to Christmas, games, and even calculates how many cookies Santa eats during his journey.

While throughout the year NORAD protects North American skies, "on Christmas Eve the children of the world look to NORAD, and our trusted partners, to make sure that Santa is able to complete his mission safely," said General Charles H. Jacoby, Jr., NORAD Commander, in a statement Dec. 12. "This mission is a duty to the children of the world and a privilege we've enjoyed for 56 consecutive years."

Jacoby added, more than 1,200 volunteers help man the NORAD Tracks Santa Operation Center, and Canadian and U.S. forces "guarantee the program's success each and every year."


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