Rancho Palos Verdes Opens Dog Park

The dog park, dubbed Rancho Caninos, opened last week at Rancho Palos Verdes city hall.

After rescinding plans for a pilot dog beach program at Rancho Palos Verdes Beach earlier this year, the city of Rancho Palos Verdes opened an official dog park at Point Vicente Park and the Civic Center on Thursday as a consolation prize.

The half-acre, temporary facility—dubbed Rancho Caninos—is located next to the tennis courts near city hall. The area is separated into areas for small dogs and large dogs and has a cedar chip surface and watering area.

"I'm glad they have this," said Yvonne Schreiner, who brought her daughter Sage and their dog Pepper to the park on Friday. "It's a really great location, too."

Schreiner, a Rancho Palos Verdes resident, said she used to frequent the unofficial dog beach until the city cracked down on enforcing the ban on dogs.

"This is really convenient," she said. "It's such a pretty setting, who wouldn't want to come here?"

The dog park, which is not staffed, is open during normal park hours, e.g. one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset, seven days per week.

In the future, the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, along with other cities on the Peninsula, plans to lobby Los Angeles County to build a permanent dog park on the Palos Verdes Landfill site adjacent to Rolling Hills Estates. Representatives of the county have said they don't plan to open another dog park until a test program in La Crescenta has operated for at least a year.

The county dog park in La Crescenta opened mid-October.

Anyone with questions, comments or suggestions for Rancho Caninos should contact the Recreation and Parks Department at parks@rpv.com or 310-544-5260.

Cat S. November 15, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Here is a Facebook site for the Dog Park! You can post pictures and comments there. https://www.facebook.com/RpvDogPark?fref=ts
Kikisquid November 16, 2012 at 07:44 PM
It is nice to discover that Palos Verdes has opened a dog park in lieu of all the demand that the pilot dog beach uncovered. However I am still saddened that the dog beach was shut down. The fun for people and dogs is heightened when running around playing in the ocean. It was also an ideal location for it was enclosed by surrounding cliffs. Another standard dog park is fine but what the pilot dog beach proved was that it was a huge hit and in high demand with the public. These days money and politics always wins over the general public. The location was an ideal spot for those interested in having a dog beach but perhaps not ideal for those wanting to just play golf at their resort.
JB November 28, 2012 at 11:38 PM
I agree -- very sad that the one dog beach in the hundred miles between Palos Verdes and Santa Barbara - one that Peninsula residents enjoyed for decades - was shut down by the City Council based on statements that were downright false.
Maureen Megowan February 06, 2013 at 11:18 PM
My husband Bruce and I have been leading the fight for a dog park on the Palos Verdes Peninsula for the last 5 years, and are so happy that RPV has opened this dog park. Our miniature Aussie Troy has been loving it !!! He is so happy to run and play with the other dogs, and we have really been enjoying meeting and talking with the other dog owners on the Hill.


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