NextG Proposes Installing Five Cell Sites in Rolling Hills Estates

There may soon be better cell phone service for AT&T customers in Rolling Hills Estates.

Cell phone reception can get shoddy when living on the Peninsula. It comes with the territory, especially along the cliffs at Bluff Cove or in the most scenic spots. However, the city of Rolling Hills Estates is in the process of improving cell phone service.

On Nov. 8, NextG Networks of California, Inc. proposed installing five new cell sites in Rolling Hills Estates to improve connection for AT&T customers.

The proposed cell sites would be located at 27000 Palos Verdes Drive E., 52 Buckskin Lane, 26612 Rolling Hills Road, 4604 Hawthorne Blvd. and 27613 Conestoga Drive.

The city said it is responding to residents' demands for better cell service.

“Throughout the years, I’ve received a number of calls requesting better cell phone service," said Rolling Hills Estates Assistant City Manager Greg Grammer.

City records indicate the surrounding mature trees around the sites will provide natural screening of the new additions to the current utility poles.

“Mockups of the proposed new cell site equipment were installed at the five pole locations over a week ago, and my guess is very few people have noticed,” Grammer said.

One mockup was installed adjacent to Rolling Hills Country Club. Greg Sullivan, the general manager of the club, told Patch that he knew of the installation but hardly saw the difference.

For three out of the five sites on Palos Verdes Drive North, Buckskin Lane and Rolling Hills Road, the installations will consist of antennas and associated pole-mounted cabinets on existing utility poles.

The city prepared an initial study in accordance with the Californian Environmental Quality Act finding that “the project will not have a significant impact on the environment.”

Two sets of antennas, associated disconnect boxes, and shroud kits will be installed at the public right-of-way at Hawthorne Boulevard and Conestoga Drive.

At Hawthorne, one above-ground, 29-feet-3-inch tall KS Antenna will be installed on a wooden 4-foot cross extension arm on an existing 71-foot wooden pole.

At Conestoga Drive, there will be two 23-feet-10-inch KS Antennas above ground on square stock supporting 6 feet from the pole on an existing 37-foot wooden pole. Mock-up photos (shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3) demonstrate the minor difference. 

The Initial Study Checklist for the Hawthorne and Conestoga cell sites, marked "Hazards & Hazardous Materials" as environmental factors potentially affected. 

According to the more recent report, the project will not have a significant effect because revisions to the project have been made.

Residents can mail written comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study by Dec. 4 to Greg Grammar, Assistant City Manager, City of Rolling Hills Estates, 4045 Palos Verdes Drive North in Rolling Hills Estates; fax comments to 310-377-4468; or email comments to GregG@ci.rolling-hills-estates.ca.us.

All copies of the cell site plan are available for public review at City Hall. 


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