Gardena Gets Skate Park—Is PV Next?

Plans for a PV park are still being hammered out as Gardena opens its first spot devoted to skaters.

For months, the possibility of a skate park on the Peninsula has been a hot topic among residents and city officials as they consider creating the space is necessary to keep Palos Verdes skaters safe.

There's been in which local students make a case for a neighborhood skate park, , , an and even professional skateboarders who in the debate.

Gardena recently opened its first skate park after years of delays and debating, according to a Daily Breeze report. According to the article, city council members "began lobbying for a skate plaza in town about 10 years ago."

, Gardena officials had difficulty deciding where to put the park and some residents expressed concern over noise and public safety. The recently opened Gardena skate park is now located at Rowley Memorial Park, 13220 Van Ness Ave. The city also decided to build a second park, which is now under construction at Arthur Johnson Memorial Park, the Daily Breeze reported.

What do you think about PV's efforts to build a skate park? How soon would you like to see a park on The Hill? Tell us in the comments below and take our poll to let us know if you're in favor of a skate park.

Jack Tingley March 22, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Check out the PCH SK8 CAMP this spring break. You will see the importance of a local skate park.


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