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TRASH ZOMBIES Danced at Whale of a Day!

Trash Zombies at Whale of a Day
Trash Zombies at Whale of a Day
On Saturday, April 5, Dance 4 Oceans danced to raise awareness of TRASH Pollution in the ocean, again! Dance 4 Oceans is a regular performer at the annual event, Whale of a Day in RPV. Wearing "TRASH" costumes, we dance and speak out to the public how we can reduce the TRASH in the ocean.

Scientists have been talking about this garbage problem in the ocean for some time. Recently, the news of the plane search in Indian Ocean has shown the public how bad that actually was.

TRASH, especially PLASTIC will stay in the ocean for more than 100 years and mimics food for marine animals. Millions of creatures are harmed by ingestion or entanglement. The toxins in the plastic enter the food chain and eventually affect the human health as well.

Dance 4 Oceans is a grassroots group raises awareness of this TRASH POLLUTION through performance, movies screenings, school and community visits, and beach cleanups. 

Anybody can join us. Contact: dance4oceans@gmail.com


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