Poll: What Did You Think of Obama's DNC Speech?

After the formal nomination by the Democratic Party at its convention, Obama concluded the event with a sweeping acceptance address. Share your thoughts about it with our online community.

President Barack Obama's acceptance speech Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina accomplished the formality of the party's nomination. But did his words and speech move you to tears, move you to scream, galvanize you to rally neighbors to get to the polls? Take our Patch poll and share your views in comments. And look to Patch for local election coverage.

If you prefer, take our on former U.S. President Bill Clinton's speech.

Noel Park September 25, 2012 at 04:40 PM
Amen Teddy, preach on!
met00 September 25, 2012 at 05:45 PM
LMAO. I have been on a diabetes med for six years. After losing over 50 pounds the med is causing hypoglycemia crashes. My endocrinologist has reduced the med over a month ago. The insurance company has DENIED the change in med (as in they won't pay for the same med at reduced strength) because... well who the hell knows why. And this is Blue Shield. I know of people on HMO and PPO plans that can not get what their doctor has ordered because some bean counter at the insurance has stated that the company shouldn't pay for it. From elective surgery to meds to surgery that their doctors have advised them to get. As long as the "for profit" motive drives the bottom line the actuaries will continue to control who gets what services, no mater what you think you are paying for. They are the death panels that determine when it is no longer fiscally responsible for a company's bottom line to cover your heath. And what of the 100 million (60+ million now insured because of ObamaCare) that have/had no insurance? According to Mitt, they have the ER. The most expensive form of health care delivery, and all paid by your tax dollars. Socialized medicine at it's MOST EXPENSIVE. You want to lower the cost of care and increase the quality? Allow anyone to purchase into Medicare. Medicare currently costs LESS than the for profits, and they cover the most expensive people to care for (the elderly). Add in healthy (younger) people to that class/group and watch costs/rates fall.
Dan Avery September 25, 2012 at 06:02 PM
I have multiple sclerosis and when we switched to Blue Cross recently from Kaiser, we asked if Blue Cross covered Copaxone. We were told they did. At the CVS counter we were told they didn't and the price of the drug would be $3700 for a month's supply. So I called the Pharm company Shared Solutions as a last resort. The Pharm Company not only hooked me up with an internet supplier for Copaxone, they also made sure my copay would drop from $150 to $35. Blue Cross...no help at all.
Dan Avery September 25, 2012 at 06:06 PM
For anyone who wasn't paying attention in American History class, Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was the first national politician who proposed Social Security and Nationalized Health Care. The year was 1919. What happened to the Republicans to make them sell their souls?
Ladee Diane October 12, 2012 at 08:09 PM
I think we can clearly see that Obama was Mittslapped because he is an epic failure. Romney is winning and keeping up side by side. After seeing Biden on the debate and his offensive tasteless bevahior laughing like a idiot, with those over sized dentures.....and rudely interupting everytime Ryan spoke the truth we can all see This administrations OUT! Thank the lord this nation is not stupid enough to reelect this turd.


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