Mass shootings-what are we going to do about them?

No one is safe. Mass shootings have occurred in movie theaters, schools, army bases,post offices, and hospitals. Research has unearthed more questions than answers, but shows video games are an unlikely link to extreme school violence. Common sense tells us that influences are probably things like abuse, neglect, and undiagnosed or untreated mental health disorders.   
This calls our culture into question. Why are there so many incidences? Is prevention or intervention possible? How do unstable violent individuals have access to weapons?
If we follow the money, we see millions lobbying both for and against gun control.The influence of moneyed interests needs to be set aside so that we can come to a solution. Simply taking guns away will not solve the problem. Road rage or mass stabbings also occur when someone harboring a serious grudge is triggered to violence.
Is it possible to identify these individuals when we interact with them?  Research has not yet been able to predict a potential shooter, but profiling tells us that that shooters are often bullied, ineffective in work roles, isolated, suspicious, obsessive, sometimes delusional, and often suicidal. What if this individual lives in our neighborhood or attends the movie theater nearby?What could we do if we did notice these concerning behaviors?
 We need a think-tank of well -informed and reasonable individuals who can form a model for all states: teaching coping, anger management, and parenting skills; screening for depression and providing access to mental health care; enforcing medication use in violent individuals or their admission to mental health facilities Can we join together and insist, as a culture, that we re-route our focus to intensive research prevention,and intervention?
Or should we continue to just keep our fingers crossed and argue about gun control?


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