Healthy, Inexpensive Eats in the South Bay

Quality deli meats, lots of fun veggies, rotisserie chicken and Mediterranean cuisine are some of the cheaper, healthier eats to find locally.

In the South Bay, there are plenty of places to eat inexpensively without sticking exclusively to pasta, vegetables or lousy meat.

These establishments stand out because of their attention to detail, style of food and healthy menu options:

Sabra Beirut Mix

The Mediterranean diet is known for its healthfulness and offers a mind-blowing menu full of family recipes that result in irresistible flavors.

Tabbouleh salad, cucumber with yogurt, grape leaves, lentil soup, Baba Ghannouj, rotisserie chicken, kebabs that come in beef, Kofta, Shawarma, chicken, lamb, and all sorts of wraps (hummus, chicken caesar, gyro) make this restaurant worth exploring.

The Original Rinaldis

El Segundo already knows and loves The Original Rinaldis, and is gaining fame for its Boar's Head meats and cheeses that turn any sandwich into a delicious bite.

The store's 60-plus sandwich choices are reasonably priced for a quality you won't find at many other eateries.

In Manhattan Beach, you have the restaurant's breads/rolls [squaw, honey wheat, Italian sub] and a killer crusty French white roll.

The veggie sandwich includes sliced cucumber and marinated and roasted red bell pepper slices. Sandwiches come in six- or 10-inch configurations and have names like Ripcurl Riley, Air Force Lou, King of Sepulveda, Godfather: 6 Proteins, Stinky and First Alarm.

Chicken Dijon

helped move healthy eating forward with its first location on Artesia Boulevard in neighboring Redondo Beach.

Now the Chicken Dijon name has grown to include locations in El Segundo, Torrance, West Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hollywood and Irvine.

The restaurant's focused menu offers a selection of Mediterranean items, including hummus, stuffed grape leaves, greek salad, Fattoush Salad, falafel and gyro sandwiches and rotisserie chicken.


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