Just a friendly reminder that baseball and horses must co-exist.  A few simple tips to help maintain this co-existence.

Don't park vehicles on the trails.  Vehicles can get damaged and horses can possibly get injured when trying to pass.

PLEASE - the trash,,,,  a HUGE problem every single year. Keep it picked up.  I spoke to many and unfortunately fell on deaf ears the last few years - especially with main coaches and maintenance people (who truly don't care about the trash problem) about keeping up the trash off the trails and surrounding areas. Big bucks are spent on maintaining the baseball fields, the least you all can do is keep the trash off the surrounding areas and trails.  It won't be pretty if trash is picked up and left on the fields to finally be placed in proper recepticles.

Parents - keep an eye on your kids and tell them to stay off private property and not bother the horses or other animals on private property.  Horses can bite and kick and we horse owners don't want the responsibility of your child/ren getting hurt due to lack of supervision on your part.  Also, no harrassing, feeding or petting of horses from no one is allowed unless horse owner is around and asked.

I see many people attending baseball games smoking.  Being in a high fire danger area.  Smoking should not be allowed - EVER.  I caught a lady smoking by my barn last year, and told her to put it out. 

Last year,  was a much better co-existence than any of the years past.  Let's make this year even better.

Coaches - would be appreciated if you can put it in your "speeches" the above mentioned.

Thank you

A horse owner that speaks for all horse owners.


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