Men Disappointed in Sandwich Length File Lawsuits Against Subway

Three men are suing Subway saying its footlong sandwiches just don't measure up.

If you're headed to any local Subway bring your appetite—and your ruler.

This past week, lawsuits were filed in California and New Jersey accusing the fast-food franchise of fraud and false advertising. Plaintiffs say the footlong subs just don't measure up.

According to a report in The Sacramento Bee, a suit filed Thursday in Sacramento by Richard Springer says the footlong sandwiches come up short of 12 inches.

The suit, which seeks class-action status, claims Springer “suffered an injury in fact and lost money as a result of the deceptive and unfair conduct” of Subway, according to the newspaper.

And in New Jersey, two men are also suing the sandwich giant because they say the advertised footlong sub is just shy of 12 inches.

According to NBC 10, the lawsuit was filed this week. The plaintiffs, John Farley of Evesham and Charles Noah Pendrack of Ocean City, NJ, said they measured 17 Subway footlong sandwiches and all were not quite 12 inches. 

Read the full story on NBC 10.

What do you think? Does this lawsuit have merit? Should a footlong sandwich measure 12 inches? Tell us in comments.

Jake Mooney January 27, 2013 at 12:18 AM
11 inches is the exact length of my foot. Therefore it is a foot long. Maybe if your foot is shorter you should get a shorter sandwich.
Jason R Bassett January 27, 2013 at 02:29 PM
My foot and my penis are the same length. Does that mean I get to tell women I have a foot-long penis? The key here is foot-long not 12" these guys are idiots and the lawyers are morons for taking the case obvious money and publicity grab.
Dave January 29, 2013 at 04:05 AM
All I have to say is these guys are charlatans!!!! I mean to sue over a sandwich not being a foot-long is CRAZY!!! I think the judge should overturn this lawsuit!!! I mean this suit is nothing more THAN A COUPLE OF SORRY, DISGUSTING, BUMS LOOKING FOR MULTIPLE HANDOUTS!!! Come on!!! Wasn't the governments' handout not good enough for you?!!! You want more "handout" money huh?!!! So, you CREEPS figured you will take a ruler into a local SUBWAY, measure the sandwich to see if it's a foot-long, and then sue!!! It's SCUMBAGS like you that bring this country down!!! It's also "TRASH" like you that make it hard for some other person, that may have a legit lawsuit to file!!! You guys, filing this suit, are charlatans!!!! I've eaten at SUBWAY!!!! I care more how the sandwich TASTES rather than how long the sandwich is!!!! You guys, filing this suit, are BUMS!!!! I guess the governments' handout wasn't good enough for you!!! So, you came up with this RIDICULOUS suit to get SUBWAY to give you CREEPS a handout!!! You CREEPS sound like the kind of people that complain about anything!!!! Nothing that anybody does is good enough for you CREEPS!!! You always want more!!! The only other thing I have to say is I hope you guys, filing this suit, don't have girlfriends!!! I feel for any woman that has to date you creeps!!! Of course, if the lady doesn't like what she sees, SHE CAN FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU!!! HA-HA!!!


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