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Avoid the Holiday Fashion Meltdown

Dressing for a big holiday party can be stressful, so avoid making any fashion mistakes this season and dress with confidence.

Do you fear a holiday fashion meltdown? I was recently featured on She is Dallas and offered this advice:

You know the kind, you’re late for a very important date BUT every outfit you put on makes you feel like a fat cow.

Before you know it, you’re chanting "I’m a loser baby, why don’t you kill me?"

Why is it every time you have to show up in public as the BEST YOU, the FABULOUS you, you LOSE it?

What if I told you that you aren’t crazy. The stress associated with getting dressed happens to most everyone. Even me. I’ve learned how to handle my own fashion meltdowns and I can help you too.

You can book a Virtual Styling Session with me and the good news is you don’t even have to get dressed. All you need is a web cam.

Tell me if any of these situations ring true:

You just went shopping. You THOUGHT you liked everything you bought. At home you’re not so sure. I can alleviate painful shopping sprees and help you build a wardrobe just for you.

You’re getting dressed for a first date. You have absolutely no idea what to wear? I can help you get dressed minutes before he rings the doorbell.

You have a big party coming up but you feel like a fashion ugly duckling? We can shop together online finding your perfect party outfit. Who knows? You might have everything you need right in your own closet.

Trend-setter is your middle name. Each outfit must out-do the rest. You have a reputation to keep up. Working with your style strategist (me) will insure your "best dressed" status.

You can mult-task your life away. When it’s time for YOU, you can’t be bothered. Your friends and family on the other hand are begging you to take more care with what you wear. I can help you come up with an easy approach that will please you and those that love you.

For some people getting dressed can be right up there with going to the dentist, you know you have to but really?

I can help you save time and money on costly shopping trips allowing you more time to focus on what you do best.

I am your personal style ambassador.

Virtual styling are bite-size sessions that help you get on your way faster, more fashionably without the enormous stress level attached. Book time with your stylist today.

Here are 5 tips to avoid your next fashion meltdown:

  1. Are you wearing your work-out clothing, PJ’s all day long? Stop right now. Your business back end must be met by your fashion front end. Taking control of your image will grant you VIP status. Want that raise? About to land a big job? People feel confidence with you when you look great. You are more trustworthy.
  2. Image is EVERYTHING as one of my very dear friends just said. He owns a successful company with over a 100 employees and hates the way his employees dress. If you say you don’t care, what you’re really saying is you don’t know how. You can learn how to present yourself to the world. You are your biggest ROI.
  3. Go into your wardrobe- have a talk with your self. Demote your dressy clothing down to your day clothing, your day clothing down to your schlep clothing and well, the schlep goes buh-bye. Please donate to your favorite charity or shelter as not to add to our land-fills.
  4. Put a dress on. Start your day half-way dressed. Nothing easier than one step dressing. When you need to get out of the house quickly throw on your shoes, a necklace, small sweater and go.
  5. Buy what you like, make it work for your life. If you LOVE working out and you aren’t a dress kind of girl. Shift your work-out wear from black to gray. After your workout take off your gym shoes, leave a pair of sandals in your car to slip on add a drapey sweater and go. Never let them see you sweat. How you present your self can be a deal starter.


Style Tip

Do you ever feel like a fashion don’t?

You think "I look GREAT" when you leave the house BUT later decide "Not so much."

Get out your camera/video and shoot a picture of what you’re wearing. Point the camera from your neck down. Trust me you will be more objective without your face in frame.

If you don’t like what you see, change a shoe, shift a bracelet for necklaces. Your outfit might be so close. With a few simple changes, you will find a winner. Every stylist including myself uses this tip. Make the extra effort, you’ll feel better all day long.

Designer labels over 3 years old. Weed them out of your closet today. Revive coats, dresses and jackets with a seamtress.

Need the cash? What are you waiting for? Sell sooner rather than later for the highest ROI. Don’t wait for clothing to come back in style. That’s SO your mother talking.

Buy to Wear
Wear to Sell

Repeat process.

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