Writer Discusses MTV Series Set in Palos Verdes

The show about teens in high school is based on the creator's life growing up in Palos Verdes.

Lauren Iungerich drew from the 18 years she lived on the Peninsula to help bring some of the stories on MTV's hit series "Awkward" to life, she told The Daily Breeze in a recent interview.

The former Rancho Palos Verdes resident and graduate of told the Breeze she shows the "good, bad and the ugly" sides of the Palos Verdes characters. She's even mocked some longstanding groups on The Hill.

MTV's "Awkward" tells the story of the struggles and highlights of growing up from the perspective of a teen living in Palos Verdes who attends Palos Hills High School.

"I wrote a teenage show for my inner 15-year-old self. It’s a love letter to who I was," Iungerich said in an interview with collider.com.

Palos Verdes viewers , some saying the show's depiction was an accurate one, others disagreeing with some of its storylines based on the Palos Verdes community. 

Read the full Daily Breeze interview with Iungerich here.

Kent McCaman, Captain of Industry July 24, 2012 at 12:28 AM
Growing-up as a teenager in Palos Verdes was not an awkward struggle. It just wasn't. Perhaps the writer was a teen years after I was and that makes a difference. I graduated from PVHS in1975. As a young teen, Malaga Cove School was an extremely beautiful place to attend classes. Where else in the country could a kid experience anything like that? As an older teen, PVHS was a bit of an oasis too. The local Boy Scout program was excellent, allowing numerous field trips and hikes to incredible destinations. At the quaint Malaga Cove Plaza in Walt Reese's Pharmacy, one could sit at the counter and enjoy a soda -- but not anymore, now it's a Real Estate office. Horse trails were active. The Malaga Cove Library is still the charming place that it was, a place where Frank and Joe Hardy, from author Franklin W. Dixon's booklore, would likely go to study. Also, I never dreaded a day of working at Marineland. That was an absolute joy. These are just a few nice memories to think about. There are too many to share. The Palos Verdes community was like a montage of Norman Rockwell paintings. The peninsula was more rural and peaceful than it is now. Yet the entire peninsula still abounds with scenic wonders. The notion of "awkward" doesn't resonate with me. I'm curious to view her TV show and see what was so agonizing about being a teen in Palos Verdes.
Diane Naletich July 29, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Growing up anywhere in America, in any city, can be difficult for many teens. It depends upon your experiences and how you "fit in" with your school and peers. Adolescence poses many challenges for many children, so obviously her point of view was interesting enough to get picked up by MTV. Congrats to Lauren for her success.


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