'Amazing Race' Names Contestants for 24th Season

Two Harlem Globetrotters will compete as will a husband/wife team that began their romance on 'Big Brother.'

Cousins from Torrance and Irvine, a UCLA doctoral student in biomedical physics and two YouTube hosts from Los Angeles were among the 22 contestants named Monday by CBS for the 24th season of "The Amazing Race."

All the contestants competed previously, including Leo Temory, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and restaurateur from Torrance and his 26-year-old cousin from Irvine, Jamal Zadran, the CEO and owner of the Zadran Investment Group.

The team finished fourth in the fall 2013 season of "The Amazing Race," including a first-place finish on the Angklung Detour in Indonesia.

Brendon Villegas, a 33-year-old doctoral student in biomedical physics, and his wife Rachel Reilly, a 30-year-old television personality, finished third in the spring 2012 season. Reilly was the champion of "Big Brother" in the 2011 season, while Villegas finished ninth.

Reilly entered into a romantic relationship with Villegas during the first week of the 2010 season of "Big Brother." She finished ninth and Villegas sixth.

Joseph "Joey" Graceffa, 22, and his 26-year-old best friend and fellow YouTube host Meghan Caramena finished fifth in the 2012 fall season.

Other contestants include Harlem Globetrotters Herbert "Flight Time" Lang and Nate "Big Easy" Lofton, who finished fourth in the 2009 summer season and second in the fall 2010 season.

The teams will travel through four continents, nine nations, including China, Italy and Sri Lanka, and cover more than 35,000 miles. The challenges contestants will face include rappelling down the rapids of the Kiansom Waterfall in Malaysia.

The season is scheduled to begin Feb. 23, when according to CBS "in a dramatic twist, one team will not make it to the starting line." The winning team will receive $1 million.

- City News Service


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