The Democratic Party I Liked Then Is the Republican Party I Like Now

I loved the Democratic Party of yesterday: the party of Jefferson, Jackson and John F. Kennedy. The Republican Party of today represents those values still, and better represents all voters.

I loved Democrats—at least when they cared about the "little guy"—or I guess the term nowadays is "The 99 Percent"

I loved Democrat Thomas Jefferson. He refused to spend money on military expansion, even though Congress had appropriated the funds. Jefferson looked at public debt as a great evil, one which no government should permit. Jefferson supported limited government, states’ rights, and local control.

I loved Democrat Andrew Jackson, who honored the Constitution, resisted the rechartering of the National Bank, and resented any abrogation of federal authority which attempted to destroy the country. He wanted sound money, sound people, and a sound future. During his tenure, the United States paid back its huge loan to France.

I loved Democrat James K. Polk. This President was committed to one term in office and the great expansion of the United States from sea to shining sea.

Between the Civil War and World War I, there was one Democratic President, Grover Clevelan, the only chief executive to serve two non-consecutive terms. Aside from an affair which produced a child out of wedlock, Cleveland’s public and private life was impeccable. He resisted federal subsidies, whether to struggling farmers of for the Port of Los Angeles. Above all, government would depend on the people, but not the other way around.

I loved Democrats like President John F. Kennedy, when he talked about having a strong military and lowering taxes so that more people would have money, find work, and create wealth for others.

In effect, I liked Democrats when they voted and acted like the Republicans of today.

Unfortunately, the days when the Democratic Party cared about you and me are long gone, giving way to media and political elites who love to tax the poor in order to pay the way for the rich.

My father was a Democrat, to some extent, until the party left him, as much as the party left his father, and also left the Screen Actors Guild President and later California Gov. Ronald Reagan.

My mother was also a Democrat, because the party stood up for the "little guy." Unfortunately, she kept voting the Democratic line because of party affiliation, even the party was no longer affiliated with the "little guy." Too often, I fear that Democratic Party claims to represent its members, when the current Democratic President has advanced policies which have done more harm than good for the American people and our country.

The Democratic Party leaders of today are out of touch, uncaring and unconnected with the rights, the plights, and the fights of poor and middle class voters.

In Hermosa Beach last week, Rep. Henry Waxman staged a town hall meeting for South Bay residents. The vast majority of Democrats who met with Congressman Henry Waxman were old, rich, white people who cared about "climate change," just like Congressman Henry Waxman himself. This demography does not reflect the country, and certainly not California.

Most people in this country, no matter what their age, color, or creed, are not worried about the atmosphere. They do not care about the polar bears not having an Arctic home of their own, they do not worry about the ice caps melting. More specifically, the only "Niño" that Hispanic voters care about are their own.

When Democrats of yesterday wanted to make sure that everyone had an opportunity, when affirmative action was about affirming that people can take action in their own lives for the better regardless of their color, then I liked the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, affirmative action went from ending discrimination to promoting reverse discrimination, giving unfair promotions and exceptions to individuals because of race, which had the opposite effect of denying opportunities and impoverishing the very people whom the programs were intended to help.

Republicans had long since supported civil rights, to the degree that no one's rights were infringed. To favor one group of people with preferential treatment is detrimental to the same group, as well as to all others. Democrats have taken civil rights in the latter direction, and now too many people are going in the wrong direction, both white and black, and every other color with it.

I liked it when Democrats said "The Era of Big Government is over." I liked it when Democrats passed welfare reform. I also liked it when a Democratic President signed into law balanced budgets, and was willing to wield a line-item veto. Today, I am convinced that Bill Clinton was really a Republican, while George W. Bush is looking more and more like a Democrat.

Spending sprees and irresponsibility define the Democratic Party of today, a political hegemony of nanny-state Pharisees and arrogant entitled titleholders who insult minorities with empty lies about Republicans and free markets, a party which panders to unions instead of preparing young people to succeed, a party which rejoices when more people enter welfare, instead of when people are contributing to their own general welfare.

In effect, the Democratic Party of yesterday that I liked ... is the Republican Party that I like now. The Democratic voters of today deserve the Democratic Party of yesterday, which is the Republican Party of today: free markets, free enterprise, and free people.

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Arthur Christopher Schaper February 07, 2013 at 09:54 PM
Dealing with debt and austerity does care about the middle class. When government spends money that it does not have on things that we do not need nor that they are authorized to spend, the result is inflation and diminution of purchasing power. These Democratic policies are ruinous for middle class families.
Arthur Christopher Schaper February 07, 2013 at 09:54 PM
Let's talk about going after terrorism. -- Republican Idea Let's talk about cutting taxes for working families. -- Republican Let's talk about ending horrendously wasteful subsidies to Big Green Tech companies. -R Let's talk about getting people off of welfare and getting them well on their way to prosperity. -- R Let's talk about school choice -- R. Democrats resist this reform, which would help poor and working class peoples, as well as middle class types.
Arthur Christopher Schaper February 07, 2013 at 11:29 PM
Yo HO HO -- AND AN EARMARK OF WASTE 43 MILLION ON FOOD STAMPS YO HO HO Time to make the Democratic Party walk the plank. . . Down to Lyndon Baines Johnson's Locker. . .
Jack Charles February 08, 2013 at 01:52 AM
Timmy & Artie--talk radio's target audience.
Tim Sole February 08, 2013 at 04:58 PM
Jack you are right for me on that one. I listen to ESPN sports talk radio on my way to work every morning.


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