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Bird's Flighty Support for Muratsuchi

PVE Councilmember George Bird
PVE Councilmember George Bird
Palos Verdes Estates Councilmember George Bird, a registered Republican, and an elected Republican in a Republican stronghold, opted to endorse a Democrat for the state Assembly in 2012, despite the strong credentials of the Republican candidate, and the unprecedented severity (and deleterious consequences) of the 2012 election.

In the Friday, February 14 edition of the Daily Breeze, Bird's letter was published regarding Assemblyman Muratsuchi's decision to run for reelection instead of seeking higher office this year:

http://www.dailybreeze.com/opinion/20140212/reward-assemblyman-muratsuchi-for-not-seeking-a-higher-o..." rel="nofollow">Reward Muratsuchi for not seeking a higher office

Re “Muratsuchi says he’ll run for re-election” (Feb. 7):

How refreshing to see a member of the Assembly choose to stay and continue to serve those who elected him instead of jumping at the first opportunity to run for the state Senate.

There is nothing refreshing, let alone remarkable or significant, about a politician choosing to run for reelection. How is this refreshing, again? Such rhetoric defies definition, requires explanation.

Al Muratsuchi has placed the citizens of the 66th Assembly District before his self-interest by not running for the next office. Al Muratsuchi has well served the interest of the 66th District during his freshman year. The experience he gained will serve him well during his next term.

How did Assemblyman Muratsuchi serve his constituents by signing onto legislation which would permit illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, a measure which violates the United States' immigration laws, as well as the United States Constitution?

Muratsuchi was not serving the South Bay business community by agreeing to a minimum wage increase, which will only force out entry level workers, including young, minority employees seeking to enter the job market, especially during these difficult economic times.

Local leaders have criticized Muratsuchi's reticence to vote "Yea" or "Nay" on a number of bills. Not much integrity there. He sponsored an aerospace forum, which very few businesses attended. Not much leadership there, either. He waffled on the minimum wage increase by asking for the legislature to remove language tying increases to the rate of inflation. Still, his support for the bill hurt California’s small businesses.

And what leadership has Muratsuchi demonstrated on comprehensive pension reform, or tax reform, or the reduction in regulations?

Muratsuchi also supported AB 1266, which will permit students of decided gender (transgender students) to enter public school bathrooms with other students. This unseemly law motivated prompted initiative for repeal this November

The constituents of our district recognize that the personal integrity of the candidate and his demonstrated ethics are more important than whether he or she is a Republican or a Democrat. Let’s elect good people, not political opportunists.

With all due respect, Muratsuchi had indeed shown some interest in seeking higher office. Even though the Los Angeles Times and later the Daily Breeze covered for the Democratic lawmaker, there is no hiding the fact that Muratuschi was looking for any opportunity not to run for reelection in a district with a rising Republican resurgence, in which the Democratic brand has been tarnished not just by a tax-and-spend liberal supermajority in Sacramento, but also a distant, hyper

Bravo to an individual who recognizes that we elected him to do a job and we don’t expect him to always be looking for his next higher political office.

Muratsuchi deserves no bows, Bravos, or applause for warming a seat, paid for by public sector unions.

If we ignore the self-interest of Muratsuchi, we certainly cannot ignore Mr. Bird’s fawning. Is he looking for favors from the Assemblyman?

Now more than ever, Constitutional conservatives, respect for the limited government and fiscal discipline, and most importantly the proper domains of the state regarding the identity of students an their liberty to learn free from social engineering, are values worth fighting for. Muratsuchi does not fight for these values.

Let’s reward the lack of self-interest and the lack of self-promoting by someone who puts us before him, by re-electing Al Muratsuchi to the Assembly.

Once again, there is nothing commendable about a candidate choosing to run for reelection for his current office instead of seeking higher office. This kind of compliment is akin to thanking people for obeying the law, or congratulating people for getting dressed before they leave their homes for work.

— George Bird, Palos Verdes Estates

The voters in Palos Verdes Estates should ask their Councilman why he continues to support a politician whose values clash, rather than complement, the values of the South Bay, particularly registered voters in the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

I emailed Mr. Bird the following:

As a registered Republican in the South Bay, why did you endorse Democrat Muratsuchi for election in 2012, and reelection in 2014?

Your letter gave the impression that you are seeking a higher office with Muratsuchi's help.
Please explain your insistence on supporting a liberal Democrat who had advertised himself as a moderate, especially since you are a registered Republican.

Bird certainly owes his constituents an explanation for his flighty reasons for supporting Assemblyman Muratsuchi's reelection.

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Kristin Hetzer February 24, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Arthur Christopher Schaper February 24, 2014 at 01:11 PM
Please visit and share: --------------------------------------------------------------------- murawatch.blogspot.com --------------------------------------------------------------------- for more information on Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi.
Sandra Goetz February 25, 2014 at 10:17 AM
Establishment republicans/RINO's may have to learn the lesson the hard way, many true conservative candidates popping up all over the country to challenge them. They'll have to toss and turn until they find out whether they are next. Californians have had enough.
South Bay Jane February 28, 2014 at 11:47 PM
So did you hear back from Mr. Bird?
Arthur Christopher Schaper March 01, 2014 at 01:49 PM
Still waiting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- His contact information is: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- gbird@pvestates.org -------------------------------------------------------------------- You can call PVE's city office at Phone: 310-378-0383


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