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Jade April 22, 2014 at 07:45 PM
This accident was horrific. We were driving up to meet the parents for Easter dinner heading up the Read Morehill-decided to take the long route. We noticed a stopped car on the opposing side of traffic and what looked like an overturned motorcycle-as we desperately hoped it wasn't-as we approached closer it certainly was. There was a stopped vehicle behind the motorcycle and a few people standing about 10ft or so from the poor man's body. A few motorcyclists were pulled over to the shoulder and another man on his cell on our side of traffic. After passing not more than 5ft from the accident and seeing this man, I knew he had unfortunately passed. I've never seen anything like it. It appeared there were no other cars involved but who would know if there were unless there were witnesses that stepped forward? The police didn't come down the hill for about 7-10 minutes after passing the accident. Seeing what had happened to this man was the worst thing I've ever seen and left me distraught. I pray for this man and his family and pray justice is served where deserved. RIP
Andy95 April 23, 2014 at 12:36 AM
Unfortunately I saw much of the accident. I was traveling west on PVDS near Wayfarers and saw theRead Moreg entleman fly through the air and land on the medium strip. We stopped and tried to help. His motorcycle group said he hit the opposite curb. He actually had a pulse for some minutes though it grew very weak. A critical care nurse provided most of the CPR. It took what seemed to be very long (~15 minutes) for a private ambulance to arrive after two sheriff cars arrived. There is a fire station less than 1/2 mile to the west but perhaps empty due to Easter. There are also fire stations in San Pedro so would have expected a faster response. Paramedics arrived after the ambulance around the time I left. I assume he didn't make it probably due to massive internal injuries but have been trying to find out any facts. Does anyone know the ambulance company or the hospital, his name or any other facts? I feel awful about this guy and hope he was doing something he loved, riding on a beautiful afternoon with a wonderful view. RIP.
SHAREEN April 23, 2014 at 02:23 AM
Thank you for all of this detail. So why are there so many chalk markings on the road where itRead Morehappe ned, including on that median? It seems they are treating this quite differently, and I had heard to response sirens over the course of an unusual amount of time. My children and I drive over that spot at least four times a day, and we just cannot fill in the gaps. ALSO, does anyone know about the bicyclist who was struck on PV Drive South/ West about a month ago? I saw that happen, but then there was nothing published (that I know). I am not referring to the recent incident on Palos Verdes Drive North. Thanks!
Donna Tarr April 14, 2014 at 07:34 PM
Thank you for posting this. The more information we have for this election the better.
Donna Tarr April 15, 2014 at 08:10 PM
A "Meet The Candidates" forum is April 27 at 2:00 pm in Brentwood. They say all 18Read Morecandid ates running for the seat will be in attendance. You MUST RSVP ASAP to attend. More info: www.marianneforcongress.com
quixstart1 April 07, 2014 at 09:34 AM
What kinds of questions?
Abraham Levine April 07, 2014 at 06:03 PM
Members of the audience, constituents of those aspiring to hold office in Torrance are FORBIDDEN to Read Moreask the candidates a question from the floor. Questions must be submitted to the League in advance in order to be scrutinized. Apparently the members of this group has no idea of the essence of democracy.
Cat S. March 24, 2014 at 03:49 PM
Give your vote to Marianne Williamson, she is third in the polls and needs every single voteRead Morepossibl e to beat the top runners. Vote JUNE 3, and go here for more information: http://www.marianneforcongress.com/
Jim Dorsey March 28, 2014 at 01:22 PM
Yes, we need to do a much better job of being good visitors in the neighborhood. Have sent outRead Moreemail s to the coaches and league Prez. Will continue to get the word out. Like was mentioned, will make sure they know, then let's see if what happens...
Jim Dorsey April 21, 2014 at 12:01 PM
Trash update: After several emails to the powers-that-be, the RHLL Board apparently took up thisRead Moreiss ue. One of the suggestions being considered was a "treats-for-trash" program to help with the problem. So that reflects at least some recognition of the problem and our responsibility. Then it went another direction. Reportedly, some parents objected to having their kids pick up trash. Go ahead and fill in your own punchline. Instead, they decided to hire someone to pick up our trash. Again, fill in your own punchline. At this point, not sure if we've taken two steps forward and three back or the other way around, but at least the issue will be addressed in some fashion. It strikes me as a missed opportunity to connect the dots of responsibility for the kids, but perhaps some progress is better than none at all. But, it doesn't feel like that from here. I'm not done with this quite yet.
robin April 21, 2014 at 07:05 PM
Jim - I sent email to the Little League President thanking him of the progress. He was INCREDIBLYRead MoreR UDE in his response.... I truly think he should NOT be president and I am actually not surprised by the response from parents in respect to the kids who will be allowed to litter, but not pick it up and place it in the proper recepticles. If parents don't wish to teach their kids how to properly respect their surroundings - it's sad. I will do whatever it takes to continue going forward and a HUGE THANK YOU for your help as well.
Carl Petersen III February 26, 2014 at 03:04 PM
A response to a comment that is misquoted. One of the quotes that I focus on in this week's blog:Read Moreht tp://goo.gl/L5mPCw
Penny Arévalo (Editor) March 18, 2014 at 11:41 AM
Great idea! What would you like to cover? :-)
Betty Lou Shaw March 18, 2014 at 01:08 PM
What is happening to our shopping center? We have lost all of our good Department Stores. Now Pier Read MoreOne is gone. What next? With gas so expensive, it would be nice to shop on the hill. And the traffic is awful. How can we stop the building? No more room for wider streets and yet the builders keep building and with bigger garages.
Jo Boehm March 18, 2014 at 01:16 PM
If I were able I would volunteer, but I don't drive, so I am very limited.
robin February 12, 2014 at 10:03 AM
Thank you Anne. I agree. I frequently, unfortunately, hit all the school traffic along PV DR N. Read MoreIt is an absolute nightmare... especially when rear enders or broken down vehicles happen and there is no way around it. Or, classic yesterday, a lady SUV in the west bound lane had traffic stopped as she was texting!!! the mail man was honking madly and she just sat there. Fortunately, I was heading east!!!!
robin February 12, 2014 at 10:04 AM
OH, People NEED to stop and especially watch out for horses and allow them to cross. This isRead Moreanoth er agonizing accident waiting to happen. Too many times a horse is already in the intersection and the car isn't stopping.
Ann February 12, 2014 at 11:55 PM
AT least you only "Hit Traffic" . Actually, it is no fun hitting anything.Read MoreUnfortunately, I did many years ago. A sister in law, hit a deer once. That's dangerous for both animal and driver. Trust me, that driver panicked. I wasn't there, don't know details. Just know it's not a good feeling. I felt sick whenI did that. Animal got up and left, but I'll never forget. I also had my dog run out the door and into the side of a car speeding down my street. Fortunatley, both dog and driver put their brakes on. She still hit the side. Again, I wasn't there, but my kid saw the whole thing. Dog limping, and questioned what was wrong. I found out, someone did not lock the screen. Yes, my dog could open doors. She also scaled our 7 foot fence to get in the front. Circle of life...LIcorice, Irish, Marbles, Gray Cloud, Frisky, Charlie, KC,. .... Anyway, take care.
Nicole Mooradian February 06, 2014 at 12:27 PM
Hi Robin, I didn't really have a choice. If you have news tips for the editor, send them toRead Morepenny.ar evalo@patch.com.
Eileen Hupp February 08, 2014 at 07:00 PM
Nicole, You have done an amazing job! Thank you for covering the news, events and PEOPLE of ourRead Morecom munity so well. Wishing you the best always! Thank you, Nicole! Eileen Hupp at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Nicole Mooradian February 13, 2014 at 06:54 PM
Thank you, Eileen. I appreciate it!